Andre leon talley anna wintour dating

14-Nov-2017 04:32

There are also plenty of women (who can actually afford to purchase his "cloth") that will refuse to do so,because its reputation has been tarnished by an individual such as Kim K. I bought his autobiography years ago & I read his column in Vogue; I even tuned in to ANTM to hear what he had to say about fashion photography. or not, she did make the top 10 forbes list-50 milli !!Despite popular belief all publicity aint good publicity I disagree, I love how he is taking charge of his brand, rather than sacrificing its reputation for free publicity. Whatever your issues are with Kim and Kanye, let it go. i -and you- might think she's foolishness, but SOMEBODY (a whole lotta somebody's) hangs on her every word!!

On Kim Kardashian not attending the Met Ball and why dressing her would bastardize Rucci’s brand: Andre Leon Talley: What’s shocking to me is how important the red carpet is.(who they allude to being a brand's kryptonite) being banned from the Met Ball by Anna Wintour may have some unofficial truth to it....Andre Leon Talley was never a fan of red carpets and celebs becoming fashion icons--but he's loosened up his cape over the years.She decided to come last minute when the dress [which he later said took 350 hours to sew] arrived at her house.