Atheist views on interracial dating

01-Feb-2017 10:45

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Mormons are Mormons because they enjoy what they believe and derive much happiness from it.And when any individual has something that makes them happy, they want to share it with others.That means those who keep the Word of Wisdom, , attend church and have a goal to be married in the temple.Since these are generally peculiar to Mormons, it can be hard for two young people to reconcile these differences.That is, on top of personality differences, other differences in cultural and religious upbringing just add potential problems that must be dealt with.Something that is so basic to a person’s being, such as religious belief, can cause great problems down the road.But this tells us nothing about what our moral responsibility is toward defending or opposing the rights of gay people.Does someone having blue eyes mean we should lock them up and prevent them marrying light-eyed people? It’s a random and horrible conclusion to reach based on a natural property of the person – this is the same for gay people.

Most atheists (I don’t want to stereotype) don’t believe in free will.While this division may or may not be crucial during dating, any division can be fatal to a relationship after a couple gets married.Since dating is a precursor to marriage, the question of inter-faith dating applies even more strongly to marriage.I also encourage you to learn more about our faith if for no other reason than to understand what your significant other believes in.

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I haven’t talked to many atheists on this subject before, but I’ve come across more atheist than theist supporters of gay rights.

I want to be very open to new ideas and to be able to accurately look at both atheistic and theistic points of view, rather than be bigoted.