Bad dating expieriences

05-Feb-2017 12:37

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After about the 3rd time he called again and my sister (my guardian at the time) answered and told him to stop calling. The next day at school I avoided him and he followed me around.

I made sure to be around someone at all times and he would harass another guy and say, 'why are you trying to steal my girl?

He then proceeded to block me on Facebook and Instagram.

From time to time he'll message me, and I ignore him.

' I finally had to threaten to tell his mom he was harassing me. He is afraid of no man or authority, but terrified of his mom." "Met a guy in high school who was really nice. One day, he called my house at 2am repeatedly until I answered and told him it's too late to talk.He didn't get very harassing but that's what I think of when I hear 'nice guy.' Side note: I'm a Christian, and I'm all for praying with your spouse, but this is TOO FAR to go on a first date.So crazy." "I was friends with this guy for a couple years, but was never interested in dating him.It's really awkward, but I felt bad for the guy because he wasn't unattractive so he obviously just had really bad social skills.

I am planning on writing a book depicting the really bad dating experiences that I have had. If you would be so kind as to tell me what you think it should.… continue reading »

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On this episode #25 of The Morning Juice we talk to the locals about their bad dating experiences. We head down to a local festival called Spring Fling.… continue reading »

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