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People expect those who serve them drinks to show them a good time.That doesn't mean that you have to get personal, you just have to be personable.Do you know what to do with an olive and a brandy snifter to wow your customers or friends? How about being the life of the party with two little quarters and a little know how? We'll show you 12 different ways to amaze and awe those you are serving.If you can make a little money on the side with some bets that that can't be done , what's wrong with that?

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Once I started and learned the ropes, I realized that there's a huge market for liquor and that the better bartender you are, the more money you make. It's the talk of the town, and I m making more money than I had ever dreamed of! Bobby From Michigan The opportunities for professional bartenders extend way beyond traditional pubs and taverns.

With your newfound skills, the jobs will be coming at you left and right.

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