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15-Jan-2018 11:50

Although the identification of the beloved disciple with the apostle John has been alleged as a proof of Johannine authorship, one problem plagues this certitude: would any writer be so arrogant as to identify himself in such a manner?

However, not only is but John, in his old age, might well have adopted an affectionate term given to him by others in this self-description.

All in all, there are many excellent reasons—both external and internal—for acceptance of the fourth gospel as having been authored by John the apostle.

There are principally three internal arguments against Johannine authorship.

This, coupled with the further fact that John was widely employed in early gnostic circles yet was not thereby abandoned by the orthodox, argues quite compellingly that all quarters recognized its authority.

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Indeed, there seems never to have been a time when this gospel bore any name other than John’s.

BAGD); there are incidental comments about his being there (Judas slipped out at night [] 4:6 [the sixth hour], etc.).

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