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The matchmaker was Campbell’s banjo player, Carl Jackson, who was squiring a girlfriend of Kim’s. But as soon as I met him, I knew there was something special about him.” Adds Glen: “I liked her immediately.

Glen took Woollen to dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria with his parents, then to a James Taylor concert. It was one of those things where you meet somebody and you just can’t get them out of your mind.

For most of the past two years he had been hung up on Los Angeles glitter and his cussin’-and-bussin’ romance with young singer Tanya Tucker.

But three months ago he really did get to Phoenix, to settle down in peace and domesticity with bride No.

A Rolls, a Mercedes and a Dodge van stand in the garage close by the Spanish-style hacienda. He floats down the nearby Salt River in an inner tube with a six-pack aboard. It’s easier being with somebody who’s got some sense.” (No offense, Tanya.) “There were periods when we worried about Glen,” says his longtime pal, country singer Jerry Reed. All I can say is, anytime you get out of downtown L. He’s right where he should be, trying to live the life that will make him happy—finally.” Certainly his career is healthy.

In the kitchen a Polaroid photo of the baby-to-be, taken from a sonogram exam, is displayed on the refrigerator door. “Actually, I believe in the institution of marriage,” says Campbell, despite his divorces. For one thing, notes Reed, “He’s singing like he’s never sung before.

I’ve been down in the depths of the mire, I’ve been sorely tempted and I’ve given in.

I’ve been burned by the heat of the fire, A more than one-time loser who’s about to win.

In 1967 he hit it big with two songs, Gentle on My Mind and By the Time I Get to Phoenix.

As those lyrics on his latest LP, Old Home Town, suggest, country crooner Glen Campbell has entered 1983 with a firm resolution.