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Eventually I came across Dating Match and decided to give it a go.After chatting for a few weeks, we discovered that we had so much in common and sparks were flying by the time we had our first date.-Fourways Welcome to Afrikaans Singles - the online dating site where genuine singles meet and form relationships.While preparing dinner, they were attacked by infected zombies - Don abandoned everyone to escape, but Alice seemingly perished.

A lock-down and Code Red was ordered and the District (composed of both civilians and infected) was fire-bombed, although the outbreak of zombie infections and attacks continued to spread.Despite his character's death in the twentieth episode of the first season, Somerhalder returned to the role of Boone for seven more episodes between 20, including the series finale.Story: In the pre-credits sequence, married couple Don Harris (Robert Carlyle) and Alice (Catherine Mc Cormack) were barricaded in an English countryside cottage outside London with an elderly couple and a few other survivors.Tammy and Andy escaped the District, with the aid of Army doctor Scarlet (Rose Byrne) and Sgt.