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23-Dec-2017 21:35

I cannot think of anything else you can buy that you gives you the same level of choice and quality, and all this without paying a big price premium over a factory rod.

Wednesday 7th September 2011 I have been a little preoccupied with new product this last few weeks.

Straight sticks spin the bait less than curved sticks so you get less exploding of soft baits and less lift.

Ultimate distance is not as great as curved stick but accuracy is excellent. v=3m VYF1Gs Dd E Our custom rod building partners are at that time of year when their work load is a bit lighter, and deliveries can be a little quicker.

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The current issue shows you how to build coloured bands into EVA as well as interesting thread art.Thursday November 24th 2011 I have just uploaded a short video about our new throwing stick.I tried to make it fun as there are already many throwing stick videos on youtube, but the point it makes is straightforward enough.We will have some interesting new products, here are a few.: Carbon throwing stick, Trebuchet Light Rod, Ultra Slim light "ST"carp rods in 2 1/2 to 3 lb test curve. They will be offered with an option of cork handles, and the 12' 2 1/2 is a very slender 11.6 mm just above the handle. In a carp fishing world which often tends to focus on distance casting, it is easy to forget that a lot of fish are caught at 100yds or less.

And it is a fact that although you may feel you have more control of a hard fighting fish and are applying more pull when you use a stiff rod, a lighter more flexible rod can sometimes beat the stiff rod in fish playing power, as well as having more elasticity to cope with sudden changes in direction.

if you want books about fishing and related topics.

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