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28-Jan-2017 15:47

View charts, export and search though phone call and text message history for any date range.

You may then analysis and export the detailed information in CSV or XLS formats and save charts as images to later be included into your internal reports.

Also, without any additional charge, your caller can be immediately transferred to the phone number you chose to display.

Use our Ring-Less voicemail option to deliver messages directly to a person's voicemail (20% WILL RING - industry standard).

If the Robo Call is sent to voicemail, we'll automatically leave a message, along with a text message that'll link them to your website.

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Automatically send out a welcome message with promotional codes in response to inbound text messages.Your Robocalls will be sent from the phone number of your choosing!This allows customers the ability to easily return your calls.When a customer enters their information to your website, you send us their contact phone number.