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It is kind of remarkable now that I look back on the book, that before reading it, I knew exactly what was going to happen based on the jacket flap synopsis, yet somehow the book held my interest and I finished it easily.

There were no surprises, no plot twists, not even any amazingly poignant passages, yet, I kept reading, so there is some merit, perhaps in ideas, even if the story line wasn’t meticulously crafted.

Sometimes even in the real world, meeting people different than ourselves does wonders for changing preconceived notions and stereotypes.

Princeton High School (PHS) is a four-year comprehensive public high school in Princeton, New Jersey, United States, operating as part of the Princeton Public Schools district, which serves all public school students in Princeton.

In many ways Michael changes and grows and challenges himself to go out of his comfort zone created by his family.

He forces himself to see where immigrants live, he steps foot in a mosque, he researches the detention centers and what not, to learn that he doesn’t agree with his parents.

I like that Mina’s friends from the “old neighborhood” are still in her life and I even like how close she and her mom are.

WHY I LIKE IT: I like that the book in terms of its political plot is actually pretty nuanced. bad, but it isn’t that simple, and I think the characters shed light on the gray area in between.

Mina never goes to the mosque, and even for religious reasons never questions if she should have a boyfriend, but worries what her mother will say and thus does keep it secret.

For all realistic purposes, she is portrayed as a Muslim as a political identifier that illicits stereotypes and assumptions by others, not as a description of what she believes, behaves, or thinks.

Her parents suggested that she transfer to a different school or go on a hiatus, but the freshman decided to return to UPenn after the Christmas break.

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Too young: Kevin Zhao (left), a 21-year-old senior in the School of Engineering and Applied Science, died from cardiac arrest in December; computer science major Pulkit 'Josh' Singh, 20, was found dead in his room off campus from an unknown cause ‘Effortlessly cool, it was instantly apparent that this was a special person,’ the eulogy read.Michael’s dad goes overseas and feels sad, but doesn’t feel compelled to help, rather than to keep those people from changing, “his” world.As the book mentions a lot, his parents in other ways are kind, good people.Their organization claims to promote the idea of upholding Australian values, not of disliking other countries values, and I think this is really what so much of the world is facing right now.