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06-Sep-2017 01:18

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So I'm taking a few minutes - for my own sake - to write this stuff down so I can look it up next time I have a brain fart Using a Button Field you can specify a Command Name which in turn provides the On Row Command event some context as to what type of operation you are dealing with in Code Behind.

In Code Behind you have to do a bit of work though if you want to retrieve the proper context from a Data Item.

Add three Template Field Column for Employee Name, Designation, & Delete Button.

Add Edit button from Command Field Group from Property Window.

Update in Grid View For Update register Row Updating event of the gridview.

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visual studio text box validating menu

In addition to that I will also explain how to add multiple Command Arguments to Control in Grid View and retrieve the same.

Grid View Edit Event Args object knows the current row index so getting row index of the selected row in gridveiw is not big deal; just e. Value); Find the controls in the selected row by using Find Control method of gridviews rows collection and collect data from the text boxes. Check for Comman Name and invoke delete method for the selected row.

Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained, how to identify the GridView Row and the Button, LinkButton or ImageButton that was clicked in their respective OnClick and OnRowCommand events. Once the Button, LinkButton or ImageButton control is identified we can easily find its ID, CommandName and.… continue reading »

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Jun 7, 2007. dgProviders. DataSource. Rowsgdrow. DataItemIndex; // *** Retrieve our context int pk = int dr"pk"; if e. CommandName == "Approve" { this. Provider. Entity. Approved = !this. Provider. Entity. Approved; this. Provider. Save; // *** Update the data source and rebind so we display the right thing dr"Approved".… continue reading »

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I need to retreive the DataKey of the selected row in a GridView. Here's my situation In a previous post I asked help to add a clickable image in a gridv.… continue reading »

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Mar 31, 2009. This property binds the database column field value to each row of gridview as a Unique Identifier. Set the data bindings for Delete Button for CommandArgument Eval“EmpId”; for saving the ID column value from database for fetching the ID field value while Deleting the Record. Set the CommandName.… continue reading »

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Int Deleteid = int. Parsesender as ImageButton. CommandArgument; I placed the code inside the ON CLICK EVENT OF MY BUTTON. my question is, how do I fire this command argument. my edit button inside ROW UPDATING since I need to update only the ROW which has the "id" just like what I did in.… continue reading »

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