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wg_abbrev=office-formula feature-info: The LOOKUP() spreadsheet function's lookup direction now depends on the width of the search array (first parameter, Searched) given.

In ADDRESS, the parameter is _inserted_ as the 4th parameter, shifting the optional sheet name parameter to the 5th position.

If it is a cell range, it gets automatically extended to the length of the searched vector, but in the direction of the result vector.

If just a single cell reference was passed, a column vector is generated.

asterisk * left square bracket [ right square bracket ] single quote ' if that is the very first or last character of the name (leading or trailing single quote) When used in cell references, a sheet name has to be enclosed in single quotes ' if the name contains other characters than alphanumeric or underscore.


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A single quote contained within a name has to be escaped by doubling it (two single quotes), e.g.

feature-info: The INDEX() spreadsheet function now supports the return of an entire vector of a 2D array if the corresponding row respectively column parameter is given a 0 argument.

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