Constitutional and administrative law updating supplement

18-May-2017 06:18

Furthermore, discrimination on the grounds of work status, as a part-time worker, fixed term employee, agency worker or union membership is banned as a result of a combination of statutory instruments and the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, again following European law.

Disputes are typically resolved in the workplace in consultation with an employer or trade union, or with advice from a solicitor, ACAS or the Citizens Advice Bureau a claim may be brought in an employment tribunal.

In 2000, the EU overhauled and introduced new Directives explicitly protecting people with a particular sexuality, religion, belief and age, as well as updating the protection against disability, race and gender discrimination.

The law is therefore quite new and is still in a state of flux.

The Chartists from the mid 19th century, and the Suffragettes after the turn of the 20th century lobbied for universal suffrage against a conservative judiciary and a liberal political establishment.

In Nairn v The University Court of the University of St Andrews (1907), Lord Mc Laren even proclaimed that it is The Women's Social and Political Union became known for its militant activity.

Attitudes to racial prejudice in the law were set to change markedly with the proverbial "winds of change" sweeping through the Empire after World War II.

As Britain's colonies won independence, many immigrated to the motherland, and for the first time communities of all colours were seen in London and the industrial cities of the North.

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The House of Lords approved the district auditor's surcharge for being overly gratuitous, given the fall in the cost of living.

Lord Atkinson said "the council would, in my view, fail in their duty if ...

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