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Bootstrapping is performed to ensure robust estimates of confidence intervals.

Input data required are monthly temperature and precipitation data as well as the tree-ring index chronology.

Select to save the file to your hard disk -- it helps to already have a folder on your hard disk named "DPL" where you can save these files. Next, you should read the brief descriptions for the different routines in this comprehensive suite of software, and be sure to read the disclaimer by Richard Holmes at the end of the file. I strongly recommend also downloading and unzipping the file "" You will then have text files that contain more comprehensive descriptions of these programs.

These text files can be viewed with any word processor, such as Wordpad. Now, choose one of the files in the list below, and save it to your hard disk, perhaps in the folder named "DPL." 5.

To make downloading an easier process, I provide links directly to the individual zipped files. When you click on one of the links below, a window should open in your browser, asking whether you wish to run the file or save it to your hard disk.All functions are customizable and designed with entry-level users of R in mind.Tellervo is an open source desktop application for measuring and curating dendro samples.Written by Christian Zang and Franco Biondi, this R package comes with powerful tools to replicate and build upon the analyses made originally available in the Windows program Dendro CLIM2002.

The primary functions of are to (1) perform bootstrapped response and correlation functions; (2) conduct seasonal correlation analysis with tree growth; (3) conduct forward and backward evolution analyses for temporal stability tests; (4) evaluate trends on correlations betwen tree growth and climate over time; and (5) evaluate reconstruction skills for use in dendroclimatology and dendroecology.

It is available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux from

Crossdating in Dendrochronology. A. E. Douglass. Laboratory o! Tree-Ring Research, University o! •4rizona. This paper defines and illustrates crossdating, an initial process in dendrochronology or tree-ring work by which accurate ring chronologies may be built for dating purposes, for climatic information, or for certain.… continue reading »

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Virtually all applications of dendrochronology require that the exact year of formation of each growth ring be known, and therefore dendrochronologists do not merely count rings to find out how old trees are. Rather, all rings are dated to their exact year of formation by a process called crossdating, which may also be.… continue reading »

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The Dendrochronology Program Library in R dplR is a package for den- drochronologists to handle data processing and analysis. This document gives an introduction of some of the crossdating functions in dplR. This vignette is essentially a rehashing of Bunn 2010. Please cite that paper if you use dplR for crossdating.… continue reading »

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