Dating a father why not

23-Jul-2017 11:17

MEN- Your woman will always feel 2nd best and that’s not fair. I had to put up with hearing – “I’m taking the kids to Israel this year so don’t have money for our holiday! Ladies the worst part is if you say to anyone –this isn’t right I wont to be number 1 in my mans life –your made to feel like the worst person in the world cause he’s just doing right by his kids.

Which he is BUT ,,, HE made this mistake, not you and your being told to put up or shut up!

Also beware of the man who didn’t even commit Marriage to the mother of his kids – it screams bad judgement on his part. Di HE have such low self esteem that he couldn’t make proper arrangements or not have the guts to admit actually I still have feelings for her. If you still going to stick with Mr Dad know this; you’ll never come first no matter what **** he says, his time money and prob’ yours will be spent on the kids, you , not them will be made to feel like an outsider and you’ll have to make all the sacrifices.

Or who says ‘I stayed for the baby’ and try and work it out – this isn’t as noble as it sounds. Surely you’d be big enough to admit that it wont work – no many men stay around cause it’s convenient to THEM. If you’re looking at the celeb’s or someone you know and thinking, so and so is a Stepmom and they’re okay, right?

I do somewhat agree with what J said that low self esteem plays a big part and if your in that situation you maybe thinking I’m a strong woman, I don’t feel threatened by their prev’ relationship, I don’t have low self esteem, I just love him. Believe me now just take some time out – without him in your ear promising the world to make up for his **** and you’ll see things clearly.My youngest is 16 so im supposed to be free in a few years.I was feeling very selfish for have these thoughts of not wanting to give up on my life and give to someone else.They would cancel dates, not have money to spend on you or make it down right clear about all the lovely plans they have with their kids – and you can either tag along or get out.

It’s such a shame because I get it, I get what they’re trying to do –BUT it DOESN’T work. “I can’t see you this weekend cause the kids are sick”- and so on so on.

How dare they not realise that actually they’re no longer as desirable as they once were they’re now a man with baggage.

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