Dating a nfl player

18-Apr-2017 08:00

Many NFL couples are also far away from their families and loved ones, so they do not have their families to lean on.In addition to their loneliness, NFL wives live with the reality that even married NFL players can be targets for women who seek to date them for their high salaries and fame.

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Just the other day my boyfriend and I were waiting in line together in the dining hall and his friends walked up to wait in line too.This is a lifestyle and it is 80 percent of what they think about, I promise.We can’t walk anywhere together on campus without him saying “hi” to at least five people from the team.Here are four secrets of happily married couples that can help your NFL marriage stay healthy and strong: Four Secrets of Happily Married NFL Couples Above all else, happily married NFL couples protect their marriages.

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Happily married NFL couples see themselves as a team.

Most recently, Ciara stepped out with a winning QB, so take a look at some of the famous females who have become number-one fans over the years, then check out inspiring Hollywood love stories!

Aug 24, 2016. This is the second in a four-part series examining the intricacies of being an NFL Wife. Part 1 on the struggle to maintain an identity can be found here. So, you've started dating an NFL player? Or maybe you are already married to a man just entering the league. The space that NFL wives reserve for each.… continue reading »

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The newest show coming to NFL Network brings a different element to the channel many have grown to know and love. Take a look.… continue reading »

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