Dating and marriage in mongolia

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The majority of the rock art comes from the Bronze and Iron Ages: clear and precise images of chariots, and animals with beautifully curled antlers that come to a sharp edge.Putnam’s here to study climate change and to develop a chronology of glacial retreat, taking samples from granite boulders that were once suspended in ice.They took up sharp stones and pecked the smooth rind of glacially polished rocks — not knowing that, eventually, every detail would be scrutinized.

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Kortum is not certain it will succeed, but he has said it would be “a revolutionary result” — a climatological revelation accidentally inscribed in the art of Mongolia’s earliest peoples.With the rock’s original dark polish chipped away, the fresh stone makes a pointed contrast, helping the petroglyphs to stand out — a sort of picture frame. Over the past 15 years, Richard Kortum, a professor of philosophy and humanities from East Tennessee State University, has catalogued roughly 12,000 petroglyphs here, in Mongolia’s Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.He’s been determining their approximate age by correlating cultural clues with records of archaeology and paleoecology.Analyzing the petroglyphs is important for understanding the culture and movement of ancient people, but, when joined with a geologic examination, it can tell us a lot about the history of climate.