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Bela, as a love and dating guru, and me, a codependency/relationship specialist, trainer, psychotherapist and author, found ourselves intensely engaged in our shared attempts to explain the seemingly mysterious, alluring and deeply irresistible nature of Tinder -- the newest and hottest Internet dating service.According to Tinder founder and CEO Sean Rad, as of February 2014, Tinder is responsible for 750 million swipes and 10 million matches per day.These experiments show that this material will undergo self-sustaining decomposition and are used to give insight into the behaviour of the reaction.A three-step decomposition process is observed leading to a self-sustained reaction reaching temperatures of 200–350 °C. Measurements are applied to the events that occurred aboard the ship in 2007 in which a SSD reaction occurred.Finally, the Wittmans’ son was a stud for the Cornell team that advanced to the Sweet 16 in 2009. Kristen Rivers (wife of Clippers coach Doc Rivers) Hotness: 5 Quality as a person: 9 Interesting fact: Dated one of Doc’s teammates before the two hooked up Sorry Kristen but we’re going to have to credit Doc with producing three stars at the collegiate level (Austin at Duke, Jeremiah at Indiana, Callie at Florida).We can’t attribute all of those genes to Coach Wittman, right? Brenda Casey (wife of Raptors coach Dwane Casey) Hotness: 8 Quality as a person: 7 Interesting fact: Worked with Brian Urlacher and Ben Wallace a sports marketing executive Brenda’s wedding photos were pretty stunning and she publicly makes fun of her husband for crying at movie theaters. What Kristen lacks in genes is made up for by a progressive attitude. Arlette Newell (ex-girlfriend of Bobcats coach Steve Clifford) Hotness: 9 (in her high school days) Quality as a person: 10 Interesting fact: Ms. Porschla Coleman (wife of Nets coach Jason Kidd) Hotness: 10 Quality as a person: 4 Interesting fact: Voted the #1 hottest wife/girlfriend of the 2012-13 NBA season Kidd spit a half-chewed French fry that he took off his 2-year old’s plate at his ex-wife (Joumana Kidd) before striking her in the face. With that being said, I refuse to trust Coleman’s judgment or intentions in marrying Kidd. Sherry Silvey Brooks (wife of Thunder coach Scott Brooks) Hotness: 6 Quality as a person: 7 Interesting fact: These high school sweethearts were married on hole 18 at Pebble Beach 12. Kara Joerger (wife of Grizzlies coach David Joerger) Hotness: 5 Quality as a person: 5 Interesting fact: She’s an award-winning barrel racer Anyone who dedicates enough time to become an Lynn Mc Hale is one of the few NBA coaches’ wives to have and regularly use a Twitter account.If, on the other end, someone finds your photo "attractive," then you are immediately rewarded with a rush-inducing message that you two are a match.From that point, you can chat, swap numbers and even meet up.

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It wasn't just her contagious smile or her charming and bubbly personality that caught my attention, it was also her remarkably cogent and creative explanations about forever love and how to get people to find and keep it.Good lookin’ and good jokes are a great combination; maybe, just maybe, Coach Casey meant it when he said his ‘ideal’ day was spent with his family. Jan Stotts (wife of Blazers coach Terry Stotts) Hotness: 5 Quality as a person: 10 Interesting fact: Loves dogs A picture tells a thousand words, and to summarize those thousand words, this woman loves dogs. When she and Doc started dating, she faced backlash for dating a colored man and dealt with slashed tires and a keyed car. Newell is now a successful lawyer in California Sorry Aiden. However, she’s a total babe and the more I look at this picture, the more I want to move her up the ranks. Desiree Coleman (wife of Warriors coach Mark Jackson) Hotness: 6 Quality as a person: 7 Interesting fact: No longer trusts ministers (or religion) Coleman may be as talented as Coach Jackson. Erin Popovich (wife of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich) Hotness: 4 Quality as a person: 8 Interesting fact: Shares a name with a gold-medal winning Paralympic swimmer She’s been telling her husband to be nicer to Craig Sager from day 1. I think religion and politics are great, but please, please, get off Twitter and start a private forum elsewhere for fellow tea-party members. Mary Beth Budenholzer (wife of Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer) Hotness: Unknown Quality as a person: Unknown Interesting fact: Tucked her husband into bed after his DUI last August 16.After discovering her singing talent at the age of six, she gained fame on the longest running Off-Broadway musical production in addition to several acting gigs. Jennifer Vogel (wife of Pacers coach Frank Vogel) Hotness: 2 Quality as a person: 7 Interesting fact: She rejected Vogel twice before going on a date with him We’re sure she’s a great person and all, but one of these coaches had to have a chubby wife.I propose that there are two types of chemistry: romantic and platonic.

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Although lacking the one-two punch of romantic chemistry, platonic chemistry is a similarly-powerful relational phenomenon.If you are even remotely a basketball fan (or read our most recent article), you know Gregg Popovich is one of the best coaches in the NBA.You have also probably realized that Rick Carlisle looks like Jim Carey and Kevin Mc Hale looks like Frankenstein.Despite marrying a licensed minister in Coach Jackson, Coleman endured an extortion scandal in which her hubby was caught in a past affair with a handful of strippers.