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27-Mar-2017 20:07

With On Base, you can rapidly distribute the right documents to the right employees.

Significantly reduce costs by automating the distribution and administration of required reading documents.

On Base provides many options to quickly and easily locate the documents you need, including: Every organization has documents that employees are mandated to read and acknowledge – from employee handbooks to information security policies to harassment training.

As you know, we are committed to supporting your SIRE solutions and keeping you up-to-date on our work to help you develop your road map for the solutions you depend on.

To ensure you have the latest, most accurate information on our progress, we will use three key communication channels, in addition to your work with your account manager: While many end users are considering On Base to meet their future needs, support for current SIRE installations will continue.

Part of the recall process requires manufacturers to provide remote access to critical records and documentation to the FDA for investigation and audit purposes.

That's a nightmare come true for food producers with scattered and disorganized document management.A well thought out enterprise content management (ECM) can ease minds and facilitate audits and other compliance requirements.In fact, most manufacturing organizations realize their biggest cost savings from existing auditing costs, including remote, secure access to critical documentation, after implementing a smart ECM solution.By automating much of the A&G process, On Base expedites case distribution and prioritization while balancing workloads.