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28-Dec-2017 00:09

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Money can sometimes play a small part in early dates in Japan, where a man might mention his salary, more than once, to emphasize his ability to care for his date.This is almost a subconscious act that many westerners may consider pointless bragging, when it is not.Japan does not have a Christian history with its attached morals that place a somewhat undue sense of "wrong" on what many countries see as very natural occurrences.

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Japan is much more a culture of introductions, swapping email addresses and business cards, than it is picking up dates in bars.That is, instead of the groom joining the bride�s family ("muko-iri"), the bride would join the groom�s family ("yome-iri") after the birth of a child or the loss of a parent.Under the feudal system, Japanese marriages were often used as political and diplomatic means to maintain peace and unity among feudal lords.The practice remains today in the system of adoption by which a man becomes a member of another family by marriage.

was gradually adopted and widely accepted in the 14th century and on.

This ceremony was deemed to be the most important function in ancient weddings among aristocrats.

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