Dating taking it slowly

01-Apr-2017 10:24

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Thankfully, he struck just the right tone in his heart-to-heart where he learned that this was not the case.

It’s not that she’s not attracted to him; it’s that she’s risk-averse.

Still, I want to caution men out there with the same exact advice I’d give to women if a woman is not sleeping with you, if a woman is not committing to you, if a woman is not making an effort for you, the odds are that she is just not that into you.

You can make all the excuses in the world about "taking it slow", but people who are excited about each other rarely take it slow. You’d like to move things along physically, but are willing to respect her wishes, as long as you know that you’re in an exclusive relationship.

And if she can’t make that promise to you, then you’re going to have to think long and hard as to whether you want to commit to someone who is so decidedly indifferent towards you.

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Thanks again for your priceless advice, I couldn’t be happier!To be honest, I had assumed she knew why she was special to me at this point. And she told me how she really liked me and wanted to be my girlfriend.I think it’s only a small matter of time before we have sex, because she told me that she only needed to feel secure in her relationship and that it would last before she would have sex. I’ve been dating her for three months now (about 12-13 dates) and everything seems to be going well.

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A couple of weeks ago she asked me about my feelings, what am I feeling.

She agreed that she was taking it really slow, but it’s because she didn’t want to repeat her mistakes of the past.