Dating with inflammatory bowel disease

29-Mar-2017 19:33

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For many Americans, intestinal discomfort is a routine affliction. 7, we talked to , gastroenterologist and medical director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center at NYU Langone, to learn more about the diseases and what to do if you’re experiencing gut pain.But how do you know if you ate the wrong thing, have a case of irritable bowel syndrome, or you’re suffering from a more serious condition, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis? Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are both chronic inflammatory bowel diseases — not to be confused with irritable bowel syndrome, known as IBS, Hudesman explains.There are also “extra-intestinal” manifestations, such as joint pain, skin rashes, mouth sores, Hudesman explains.With ulcerative colitis, only the colon is inflamed.

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It’s OK to wait until you feel you can put energy into the experience.

With any digestive disorder, going gluten free or incorporating probiotics into your diet may improve symptoms in some cases, but there’s no evidence it’s actually altering the gut bacteria, Hudesman explains.

Abstract A major aim of the current study was to compare levels of dating anxiety in inflammatory bowel disease IBD sufferers to those found in healthy individuals.… continue reading »

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