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28-Jun-2017 05:11

The Roman Empire accepted people of many ethnicities and origins as Roman citizens.

A free citizen of a distant Roman province was as fully a citizen of Rome as a free resident of Rome.

Or cleaning up after oil spills, or not repaying loans made to unwise unconventional oil producers who produce at a high cost more than they can sell.

The World Bank's Senior Country Operations Officer, Dr Beatrix Allah-Mensah said Ghana needs to create 300,000 new jobs annually in order to meet its employment needs by the year 2020.

Extend the temperature trend shown in that animation for just another few months and we may well be beyond that threshold.

Arctic sea ice this month is at the lowest ever recorded; temperatures in Siberia are rising four times faster than in the rest of the world, releasing enormous amounts of methane and carbon stored in permafrost.

Social mobility is only possible if merit is valued more than privilege.

social mobility), the empire is doomed to rising instability and collapse.Access to jobs is even more crucial in the rural areas and for the poor thus making job security a social protection issue," Allah-Mensah said.A recent report from the World Bank found that about 48% of Ghanaians between the ages of 15-24 do not have jobs.The greater the concentration of wealth and power, the lower the social mobility; the lower the social mobility, the greater the odds that the system will collapse when faced with a crisis that it would have easily handled in more egalitarian times. The status quo exists to protect the privileged, period.