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22-Apr-2017 22:27

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It’s most likely social stigmas, ego, or fear of the law.If not that, then it is likely a question of the safety of dumpster diving, either getting into the dumpster or eating food from the dumpster.Never did I think I’d be taking thousands of Americans into the dumpsters with me!

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Be courteous and kind to anyone you cross paths with at the dumpster whether it be an employee, a security guard, a police officer, a fellow diver, or just a random passerby. Some people only take a little bit of the food just in case someone else will be coming to the dumpster but more often than not that will just leave behind good food to end up in the landfill.So to lead by example, I followed a rigorous set of rules to live an extremely low impact lifestyle.One rule was that I could only eat locally grown, organic, unpackaged food, basically food straight from the farmers.First and foremost, I encourage grocery stores to donate their excess food rather than throw it in the dumpster.

Here I share my brain full of info on dumpster diving. you to read The Dating Game by Dana. in the dumpster. I think that going dumpster diving might.… continue reading »

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Nov 01, 2001 Dumpster diving on the Web. the archive holds more than 10 billion Web pages dating back to 1996. "Our opportunity is not only to have it all.… continue reading »

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