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05-Apr-2017 17:32

It took about 15minues of talking between these two until, eventually Colette gives in and shyly and slowly pulls her jumper off.

She was wearing nothing but a bra underneath, 'comfort is my style' she would say.

I didn't know what game was being played but I was certain the guys wasn't playing fair as Colette drained her beer as she lost the 3rd game in a row, and the guys would poke each other and laugh when she would get up to grab another, she returned to her seat on the bed and she must of thrown in the towel because the guys reaction were a big "awwwhh", but after some talking and encouragement, they come to some agreement and continue play on.

This time I was surprised when the big guy dropped his cards and sighed, Colette cheering at the win, or not losing for once.

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There she was sitting on her bed in her dorm, on my cam, her breasts covered by the union jack flag pattern bra, and a cheeky smile on her face and she sees my shocked expression.So after a while of playing together and getting to know each other, we had exchanged emails and added each other on skype.At first I was very shy to show any pics of myself, but after awhile, she would put her cam on and chat to me, eventually, I felt I could trust this woman and I would reveal myself to her.This time Ian loses, the big guy hooting at him and Colette punching the big guy, Ian seems a good guy as he takes his shoes and socks off and the big guy answers with a loud "booo".

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Colette is up to lose next, but she doesn't want to shed clothing, I guess that was what was happening at this point, as Ian was leaning back in his seat being quiet but smiling and the big guy trying to get Colette to comply with the rules.So I watched in quiet as my innocent and shy Colette sat with 2 guys in her room drinking, though they are just her friends, she is stunning and I know she could make them hard if she had wanted too.It was an hour of random chatting, and Ian was browsing on the laptop, still not noticing (or ignoring) the skype chat, and at this point I'm sure even Colette had forgotten the cam was still on.I fumble with words as I tell her she is a beautiful girl; "my boobs aren't very big!

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