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'Oh the cam chat is still open', but Colette's not back yet as the room is dark and quiet.After watching an episode or 2 of some series, I hear some bangs, shuffling, and talking, though I cant understand what they are saying. There is a big guy sitting back on the bed drinking a beer (to the left), I see Ian come past the screen now and sit on desk next to bed, Colette comes into the shot as she hands Ian a beer and opens one for herself before sitting on the other end of the bed (on the right side of my screen), still chatting in foreign language.I was in love and lust over this woman, now I just had to get a job to save up to meet her in person! " "Ok that's cool" She left for the party in some tight fitting jeans and a hooded jumper and the night went on uneventful as I played my game.On a Friday evening, I log onto the computer and Colette soon comes online too, she calls me on cam. we are having party here at university, just going to spend some time in common room with friends if that's ok? Colette came back an hour later to the room and was telling me she's having fun but missing me at the same time, she must of left her door open though as a friend walks in and starts chatting to her, she introduces us both to each other, Ian was his name.

"They want you back at the party, don't sit in your room all night!Colette says something to Ian, and he stands up and walks to the laptop, I pretend I've not noticed and watching something else, but nothing happens, after some typing I hear music pop up, did Ian see the cam chat, or was it minimized? This woman had my deep trust even though we had never met in person, however, the thoughts of porn scenes that start this way crept into my mind, I wasn't jealous or angry, on the contrary, this situation had me hard as rock.So I watched in quiet as my innocent and shy Colette sat with 2 guys in her room drinking, though they are just her friends, she is stunning and I know she could make them hard if she had wanted too.Each picked up their pile and tried to hide the cards from each other, the big guy in the corner on the bed, Ian next to him on a seat pulled out from the desk, and Colette at other end of the bed still half dancing as she looks through her cards.

I didn't know what game was being played but I was certain the guys wasn't playing fair as Colette drained her beer as she lost the 3rd game in a row, and the guys would poke each other and laugh when she would get up to grab another, she returned to her seat on the bed and she must of thrown in the towel because the guys reaction were a big "awwwhh", but after some talking and encouragement, they come to some agreement and continue play on." she says as she cups her tits with her hands giving them a little shake."they are perfect, a handful is enough : P" Her hands still holding her tits, she looks shyly into the camera before sliding a finger into the cup of her bra and pulling it down, exposing a perfect pink hard nipple. Colette covered her nipple back up and bit her lip and looked at me for my reaction.Though he doesn't put the shirt on, he deals another game and the cards go on.

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