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Eventually, they met and shortly after that, got engaged.

A second instance involved a person who exchanged phone numbers with his friends to pursue strangers and win new friends by texting.

A total of 43 respondents, 21 males and 22 females, were selected through purposive sampling to derive exploratory data through the in-depth interview method.

Respondents revealed that their relationships developed with their respective partners because texting made them more dependent on each other. Partners texted each other as often as they could, until they have established themselves as regular textmates.

Corollary, a typical Filipino now sends an average of ten messages every day, contributing to a daily traffic of over 300 million text messages (Pertierra 58).

This has led to the popular notion of the Philippines as the “texting capital of the world” (Pertierra et al. , a study that examines the use of mobile phones in the country, Pertierra and other researchers argue that texting has made it possible to create new unsurveilled and unconventional human relationships.

This research identified the attributes of the texting technology along the seven dimensions of Park’s theory of relational development.

Qualitative data was obtained and explored in the light of the concepts presented in the related literature, particularly the theoretical discourses of Paul Levinson and Raul Pertierra et al.

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Ultimately, this paper aims to identify what makes texting a novel romantic device in the Philippines.Of the various digital applications of the mobile phone, text messaging is still considered to be the most exploited service in the Philippines.A voice call placed through the mobile phone would typically cost around six to seven pesos per minute while a text message costs a peso per message.According to Parks (359-68), relationships move within the constructive character of communication that involves the interaction of the structure and content of communication between the participants.

Thus, the researcher would like to identify the relationship between these seven factors of relationship development and the texting technology.He engaged in virtual or text-based “affairs” with women, which would later on result to actual physical sex.Another case examined was that of an 18-year old bisexual who met “textmates” by participating in interactive Text TV chatrooms.Texting also facilitated an efficient exchange of a variety of important, intimate, and personal topics and feelings for most of the respondents.