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PREFACE This book is specifically aimed at trying to identify the American Indian tribes that may be involved in Melungeon families.From historic times Melungeon people have claimed to be, at least in part, American Indians.I am the moderator for the Melungeon and Metis Christians at Yahoogroups.I brought forth the idea for The Melungeon Statement, an attempt to define Melungeons by bringing together Melungeon descendants with various ideas about what, and who Melungeons were/are.There were stories, folklore, and words more commonly used in Shakespeare’s time than today.Consider a favorite word of my grandmother’s for a "no good", or drunk: SOT.Another favorite word she used was BLAGGARD, or BLACKGUARD, meaning: the worst kind of person.This word is found in many of the Classic works of literature, notably by Mark Twain in Niagara, he uses the word there exactly as my grandmother did—Blaggard.

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The other word of note is RIGMAROLE, pronounced RIGAMAROW by my grandmother.

I have tried to get as broad a view, and include as many likely tribes as possible to present in this book.