Github pages not updating

20-Jan-2018 02:26

If you update from the repo without changing the name or namespace, the IDE version will be replaced with the repo version.

Typically in this case you would change the name and namespace to be unique for your code.

The Git Hub IDE integration allows you to integrate your forked Smart Things Public repository with the IDE.

This allows you to easily view and work with Smart Apps or Device Handlers already in the repository, as well as update the versions in your IDE with upstream repository changes, and make commits to your forked repository right from the IDE.

button will first prompt you to select what repository you want to commit to, and then launch a wizard allows you to commit any new or modified code to your forked repository.

You can (and should) also add a commit message as you would normally do when making commits in Git.

Follow these steps to clone your forked repository to your local machine (it is assumed that you have installed and configured Git on your local machine): On the main page of your forked repository in Git Hub, copy the HTTPS clone URL link: In a terminal or command prompt, type: If you chose to create a local clone of your forked repository, you should configure it get upstream changes from the original Smart Things repository.

You should see an upstream remote configured for the Smart Things Public repository. You now have connected your Git Hub account with the Smart Things IDE.

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