Intimidating paintball masks

16-Feb-2017 22:12

A Swiss Army Gun tends to also be a BFG, as does a Bigger Stick. When in the possession of a little girl it probably overlaps with Small Girl, Big Gun. Not to be confused with Roald Dahl's book and character (Big Friendly Giant), TNA Wrestling's show Bound for Glory, Big, Friendly Dog, the starship battle game Battlefleet Gothic, "Bang! Although the BFG could be thought of as compensating for the aversion of the latter.

If its grips are placed along the top of the barrel and at the back of the weapon, you have a Chainsaw Grip BFG.

scanner, cradle, RS-232 cradle to host cable, power supply, battery, Code Gate manual.

Bar code scanners including the Metrologic Voyager MS9540, Wireless Metrologic Voyager BT MS9535, and Metrologic Eclipse MS 5145 are competitively priced.

Návody a programy ke stažení pro laserové, CCD i LED snímače čárového kódu od firem Honeywell, Metrologic, Microvision a Cipher Lab.

See also: Beam Spam, Splash Damage, Macross Missile Massacre, Sphere of Destruction, Wave Motion Gun, Lightning Gun, Freeze Ray, Death Ray, Disintegrator Ray, Frickin' Laser Beams and Recursive Ammo.

A BFG will almost certainly yield Stuff Blowing Up, and will likely possess additional dakka. Often the final gun acquired in an arsenal of Standard FPS Guns.

This product has been retired and has been replaced with the Voyager 1202g.