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Prior to that time, the rates of overweight were stable and had not increased much from those at the turn of the century.

Weight experts have looked at the data and tried to understand why the rates have taken such a dramatic turn upwards.

Researchers have shown that calories taken in as liquids do not register in the satiety centers of the brain (the part of the brain that makes us feel full.) Because we don’t feel full after drinking a calorie-rich beverage, we tend to eat as much solid food (and calories) as we might have without the drink.

By contrast, eating a calorie-rich snack does make us feel full and we tend to eat less at a following meal.

Children walking to school and adults walking or biking to work have become increasingly rare as our population moves out to suburbia.

Television must be mentioned, as well, because when we sit and watch television we are not active.

An important study done with adolescent girls showed that their metabolism while watching television was lower than if they were sleeping.

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The percentages of overweight people in our population have taken a dramatic upswing since the early 1980’s.Food advertising, in terms of dollars spent annually, is now second only to automobile advertising in this country.On the other side of the calorie intake equation is energy expenditure. Great technological advances save us steps during our activities of daily living and the layouts of our communities have also changed.Great advances in the technology of growing food have made it less expensive.

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