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She is currently living on the East Coast with her son, whom she absolutely adores.” If you are into astrological bunk, Janet is an Aquarius with Scorpio rising and moon in Taurus.That probably means there is a list of attributes about her that could apply to anyone with an open mind, and she should do something generic like weigh risks today before making decisions, which no one ever thinks to do unless the horoscope says to, right? I guess my Mars is in retrograde or some kind of bullshit. I believe you’d get your ass kicked sayin’ something like that, man. I understand financial obligations and suchlike, but please be sure to draw lines in the dirt declaring how much you let the world and its ways infringe on your personal happiness, and ask yourself what you would pay to be happier; if the amount is the difference between the wage you make at the miserable job you have and a lower-paying job that you would better enjoy, then jump! 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I just feel like this shoot could have been done better. Possibly he only did the centerfold and this Wayda character did the rest. And the one below of her in the salon chair with her hand to her head is okay. It’s like this whole debate going on about the welfare system: Is it the fault of the poor or of their circumstances?But the rest come off wooden to me and look like something from a much cheaper magazine. KEITEL: Here’s a man who is doing the job of a pimp and a girl who is working as a prostitute. I believe a great deal of it has to do with their circumstances, not just because they are irresponsible.That bit about not desiring to appear before a movie camera may have been true at the time of this shoot, but in fact Dianne did end up with a movie credit under her belt. The movie was written, directed, and produced by a Mr. I think it is adorable that Miss March 1954 is a seasoned convention-goer who is showing Miss November 1979 the ropes. Check out this final pic from the blog of Candace Collins Jordan (Miss December 1979): it features a couple of the playmates who’ve been highlighted here in the last few weeks, and a couple who will be coming up soon. Left to right: Sylvie Garant (Miss November 1979); Patti Connors, nee Mc Guire, (Miss November 1976); Candace Collins Jordan (Miss December 1979); Laura Lyons (Miss February 1976); Monica Tidwell (Miss November 1973); Janet Lupo (Miss November 1975); and Dede Lind (Miss August 1967), who you may recall is the roommate of Lisa Baker (Miss November 1966) (not pictured).Tags:1979, 2009, boobs, breasts, candace collins jordan, candids, dede lind, dolores del monte, glamourcon, images, janet lupo, laura lyons, lisa baker, miss november, models, monica tidwell, naked, nsfw, NSFW November, nude, patti mcguire, photography, Pictures, playboy, playmates, quotes, sylvie garant, topless Posted in Model Citizens, NSFW November, Pictures, Playboy, quotes | 7 Comments » Danielle’s parents agreed that, before beginning her English-literature studies at a Montreal college, she should have her dream adventure in the Western U. “My parents knew that if I started school right away, I would resent being there and, consequently, my concentration would suffer.” There was one condition in their agreement, however: Danielle was to finance the trip herself (“Snow Job,” Playboy, November 1971).I stayed under for three hours, just loving the feeling. He hypnotized me out of a cold once; just made my fever vanish.” We wondered if a strong-willed person like herself wasn’t afraid to submit to hypnosis. Of course, I didn’t show up.” Um, I do not claim to be an expert judge of character, but I’m not sure that a hypnotist who suggests “as an experiment” that you meet him in a hotel room is someone you should see again. A rare instance of the centerfold being the cover model as well; I can tell from those 70’s-rific suede boots Monique is wearing that the cover photo’s from the same set of shots as the ones in the pictorial. I never get to look glamorous.” She did two Mc Donald’s ads; her friends assumed she was working for the local franchise. The second Canadian o’ the day, Sylvie’s later career credits include co-hosting duties with Alex Trebek on the game show “The 8,000 Question” (I guess they wanted to out-do “the ,000 Question,” or is that a Canadian conversion thing?Also, dig the story at the bottom left: “Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa and Tags:1978, boobs, breasts, carpet does not match the drapes, hugh hefner, images, miss november, models, monique st pierre, naked, nipples, nsfw, NSFW November, nude, photography, Pictures, playboy, playmate, pubic hair, quotes, richard fegley, stills, the girls next door, topless Posted in Model Citizens, movies, NSFW November, photography, Pictures, Playboy, quotes | 1 Comment » We’ll kick off today with Miss November 1961, the lovely and talented Dianne Danford. ) and, later, a similar job with Monty Hall on the game show “The Joke’s On Us.” Ms.

Some more stringently unusal or less stiff poses could have made the shoot kind of this interesting and erotic, challenging look at the trope of the slutty housewife: the set dressing and pastel but somehow lurid, vivid colors would have worked great with that. The rest of the text is going to be quotes from an interview that also ran in this issue by contributing editor Lawrence Gobel with none other than superbomb flyass mothafucka Mr. PLAYBOY: You must be aware of how people react to you. I don’t know what to say, except that it comes naturally to me. KEITEL: Perhaps there was some way to make the universal quest more obvious to an audience. I see it more as a story about a man who is in need of nourishing a younger man, of being a father figure, of being an example. You can read the full interview here, which I strongly recommend because Keitel mercilessly fucks with Gobel the entire time; he is enigmatic and a dick and just all-around brooking no publicity machine bullshit. Witt and are thinking of impressing her with a story about Pythagoras or Fermat, shut your piehole, because she lists among her turn-offs “math and history.” Awesome.

I’m going to find the best New York acting instuctor I can and devote myself to the art until I know I have the ability to take a major role in a play or a movie.” (“Unique Monique,” Playboy, November 1978) The Wiesbaden, Germany-born Ms. Pierre was indeedy represented by Wilhelmina Models at the time of her interview for her appearance as Miss November, but they shitcanned her after this issue went to print. Monique came back to Playboy and took a job with the Playboy Channel, which at the time was just starting out. Anyway, the movie is the sole credit for both Danfords. Danford lists among her turnoffs “being poor.” Sick left-field burn on my own heritage! Tags:b movies, boobs, breasts, dianne danford, horror, images, miss november, movies, naked, nipples, nsfw, NSFW November, nude, photography, Pictures, pin up, pinup, playboy, playmate, quotes, skeet shooting, topless, vintage nude, weekend of fear Posted in Model Citizens, movies, NSFW November, photography, Pictures, Playboy, quotes | 2 Comments » From the snow-peaked mountains of Canada to the warm beaches of the sunny south Eastern seaboard of the United States, the third and final Miss November of today, the lovely and talented Pamela Stein, appeared as the centerfold in the November 1987 issue of Playboy. Stein was raised in “the part of Florida you don’t see on Miami Vice” (Playboy data sheet). There is really no excuse for blanking on one of your kids’ name when they’re both the same. A quick check of the imdb tells me that the boy is Robin, Jr. “But don’t put that in the magazine or people will be sending me their cockroaches.