Laws mandating on property improvement

13-Apr-2017 20:17

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This requirement includes taking into account adverse environmental impacts that could affect the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, as well as human health. International concern over GMOs was highlighted by the recent biosafety negotiations in Montreal that culminated in the adoption of a new Protocol under the CBD.

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Examples of genetically modified (GM) food products and crops include herbicide tolerant corn, canola, and soya, and corn and potatoes modified to produce their own pesticides.

The Institute is a registered charity, and has a long history of environmental law and policy research and publication on the environmental and health regulation of products of biotechnology. Clark is an Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, with twenty years experience in pasture and grazing management and sustainable agriculture. The issue of how to regulate GMOs presents unique concerns in terms of all three dimensions of the sustainable development concept.