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To me, this is the most relevant collection of food industry leaders.—Jesse Szewczyk Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams have built a massive following by serving their uniquely witty and relevant takes on everything from sex to politics to Creed albums with a star-studded carousel of guests.The show is hosted by two successful, creative women who share little snapshots of their professional and personal lives while they talk to various funny people about weird Wikipedia pages, catch up on Martha Stewart's pony Ben Chunch, and interview "experts" in arcane fields.—Caitlin Osbahr Ringer editor Juliet Litman’s delightfully unabashed fangirling makes for great audio whether she’s discussing The Bachelor franchise (on Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party,) salacious NBA rumors (on Sources Say) or dishing on pop culture with co-host Amanda Dobbins (on Jam Session).—A. From a spouse’s troubling pot habit to emotional infidelity, no listener-generated question is too difficult or risque for this pair to answer—always in an unexpected, thought-provoking way.Entrepreneurs Sybil Amuti and Brandice Daniel started this conversational series to provide women with the information they need to establish a successful business of their own, but it delves well beyond the boardroom.Chances are your weekend plans involve being horizontal on your couch in a food-induced stupor (#same).But even so, that doesn’t mean old reruns of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” are your only option when it comes to entertainment—some of the best podcasts out there are run for women, by women, and they are totally binge-worthy. They'll try to answer questions like those each and every week throughout the election.

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We all have our thoughts on pop culture, but few approach the world’s daily musings with the same fresh, on-point, and playful perspective as husband and wife Patrick and Franchesca Ramsey (you may recognize her as the host of the MTV webseries “MTV: Decoded”).

—Elizabeth Lilly Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari are smart, witty, funny, real ... Each week the show focuses on a wellness topic or two with experts that have been super educating and blew my mind at times.

Plus, they are the first podcast that once I started, I had to go back and listen to every single other episode — so you know it has to be good.—Whitney Jefferson They recap the latest Real Housewives episodes that happened during the week.

There are pretty amazing women hosting their own podcasts right now, offering inspiration and advice on love, sex, career, friendship, and everything else that matters to the modern female.

Grab your phone and a pair of earbuds, and fire up one of these series.The conversation is simultaneously hilarious, sharp, and intricate.Now that she’s no longer running the show at Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso spends her days chatting with fellow #girlbosses such as Charlize Theron and nail artist Madeline Poole about their careers and the lessons they’ve learned on the way to success.It's absolutely hilarious, and if you love really trashy reality television, you will connect with these women instantly.