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The main problem with the show is the goodness of the family, even though their fathers a minister that does not mean that the children become christians.

I was happy to see when issues such as girl/boyfriends arose they could turn ugly.

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Tingle, Sorority Boys), David Gallagher (Phenomenon), Jessica Biel (Summer Catch, Ulee's Gold), Beverley Mitchell (Phenom) Mackenzie Rosman and Adam La Vorgna (Brooklyn Bridge).

—I find this show interesting, partly because I'm a ministers son, partly due to the concept of having a series about a christian family.

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Duke Vincent of Spelling Television Show Synopsis: (from the producer): From Spelling Television and Brenda Hampton comes "7th Heaven", a critically acclaimed family drama about a minister and his wife sharing love, laughter and life with their seven children.The series has received numerous awards, including honors from the Parents Television Council, The Media Project's Shine Awards, Entertainment Industries Council's Prism Awards, Viewers Voice, Anti-Defamation League, Film Advisory Board, the Academy of Religious Broadcasting, Kids Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards and the TV Guide Awards.7th Heaven stars Emmy Award-nominated Stephen Collins (The Two Mrs.—While I believe this show is meant to be indicative of Christian values and morals, one is to be aware of the fruit. 1 the pastor, never uses the Word of god for any kind of advice, and is as a matter of fact very uneducated in the matter and he shouldn't be a pastor.