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Other remains include deer, bird eggs, mussels, hackberries, nuts, and other fruits and seeds.

The rock-shelter was formed from the flowing waters of the nearby Cross Creek.

As the creek zigzagged through the valley, the rock shelter was carved out under sandstone.

It is believed that as early natives wandered through the area, they used the rock shelter as a place to stay to escape the elements.

Over the past 30 years, 20,000 artifacts have been found at the Meadowcroft site, including 956,000 animal remains and 1.4 million plant remains.

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The crew didn’t have very high expectations of what they might find, and never anticipated that their research would make history.Since Clovis had traditionally been credited to hold the oldest remains for many years, the discovery of Meadowcroft created quite a controversy.The news was made public just nine days before President Nixon resigned, the Meadowcroft discovery was published on the front page of the (perhaps to distract the public from the resignation predicament).n ancient tribe of hunter-gathers sharpened their flint spearheads in a rock shelter located in the southwestern part of present day Pennsylvania.

Perched high atop the yellow sandstone mountain and away from what would be called Cross Creek, they were safe from flooding, but still had a convenient freshwater source.

The story quickly became recognized both in the United States and internationally.