Muslim boy dating christian girl

14-Sep-2017 22:43

I believe because of the hip culture that xtianity embraced, I slam is looking old-school to them.Brothers in the house what can we do to change this situation as the future of islam lies in the coherence of her family.there are muslim girls around, marry them!In christianity there is "grace and forgiveness" BUT NOT to continue in sin.

Unlike Christianity where there seems to be a lot of "grace" and "forgiveness", which many of our "Christian sisters" have, unfortunately, taken for granted. Purist: Many Muslim girls I know, are usually very discplined compared to their Christrian counterpart.Afterall you all claim that islam is from "god", how is is that he cannot even provide muslim wives for his slaves?It is a sign that islam is nothing but a dead cult that muslim men now have to fall back on christian women to get mates. now why would allah allow you to date people he refered to as infidels and accursed people meant only for the hotest part of hell?men u guys are true life, i mean what else can i call it, muslim guys dating xtian girls is not new and it will neva stop i guess u shud do a survey on the vice versa (xtian guys muslim girls) too.

Welcome to /r/islam. A Muslim man dating a Muslim girl would involve being in the presence of her wali when they. Muslim men can marry muslim, christian.… continue reading »

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Dating and Relationships. Can a Muslim girl marry a boy from other religion or she is bound to marry a. Does Jesus allow a Muslim girl to marry a Christian boy?… continue reading »

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SeekersHub Answers. Traditionally, Islamic law makes allowances for interfaith marriages only in the case of a Muslim man marrying a Christian or Jewish woman.… continue reading »

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