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08-Dec-2017 08:29

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We could have worked through this like adults if they were at least up front about it. The bottom line is that you do not own these people. You don't have those details that friends usually share. You have no right to an explanation, though one certainly would have been nice. If I were you, I'd consider letting them know that you know so that you can bring it back to the adult level that you want to. On my list of "shit you don't do to your friends" this is near the top of the list. If I were you, fusoya, I'd take a step back and wonder why they thought they had to keep their relationship a secret from you.How is who they date not my business now when they've made it my business who they've dated ever since I've known them? You are not married to them and they are not your kids. Yes the rational and best thing for fusoya to do is to get over his feelings for the gal and give his blessing to his best friend to date her. fusoya, how certain are you that they are together? They have a right to like each other and they don't have to justify it to you. Thats a buncha bullshit, going behind someone's back and then lying to their face about it is not trying to protect their feelings. Perhaps they were anticipating just such a reaction, eh?

I tried to confront both of them about this, but since I was sworn to secrecy, I didn't have any solid proof that I could use.

He just kept saying that it was none of my business, and that I need to stop being so paranoid. If what I heard is true, it means that my two best friends, two people who I've always trusted more than anybody, have both been going behind my back and lying to my face about something they promised me was not going to happen. No matter what I do or don't do, or what happens or doesn't happen, I feel like I just lost my two best friends..each OTHER! Do you really want to be the one to make it harder for such close friends?