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It is Africa's fourth-largest exchange in terms of trading volume, capable of making 10 million trades a day.

The area was an uninhabited swamp until a supply depot of the Uganda Railway was built in 1896, which soon became the railway's headquarters.

It is the only building within the city with a helipad that is open to the public.

Of the buildings built in the Seventies, the KICC was the most eco-friendly and most environmentally conscious structure; its main frame was constructed with locally available materials Gravel, sand, cement and wood, it had wide open spaces which allowed for natural aeration and natural lighting.

Nairobi is the 10th-largest city in Africa, including the population of its suburbs.

The total cost of the project was more than US million (US1.8 million in 2013 dollars).

On 14 March 1978, construction of the current terminal building was completed on the other side of the airport's single runway and opened by President Jomo Kenyatta less than five months before his death.

Phase I was the construction of the podium, Phase II consisted of the main tower and Phase III involved the Plenary.

Construction was completed in 1973; with the opening ceremony occurring on 11 September and being presided over by Kenya’s founding father President Kenyatta.After independence, Nairobi grew rapidly and this growth put pressure on the city's infrastructure.Power cuts and water shortages were a common occurrence, though in the past few years better city planning has helped to put some of these problems in check.But railway engineers believed that Nairobi would become nothing more than an Indian township which they argued, could 'prosper in spite of unsanitary conditions and chronic plague.' The city was named after a water hole known in Maasai as Enkare Nairobi, meaning "place of cool waters".

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