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Research online dating sites to get the scoop on different ones and decide what seems to fit you.

There are specific sites for different age groups, religions, and specific professions.

Other sites are fall into the general category but have filters to make sure only your preferences are sent to you. Here are a few examples: Profession: Farmers Only, Elite Singles SMILE… Absolutely, but have them with you not just a picture of them.

Lets talk PHOTOS: Take or select at least three photos which best represent you. Current photos are a must and please nothing photoshopped. You can have a picture of you with your family but I’d shy away from putting your children or grandchildren in the spotlight.

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Let me help you navigate through the online dating process.With all that experience of good fit and right match, I, Phoebe Jayne, have taken my tried and true career principles and put them to the test of online dating. Applying my recruiting techniques has proven to be an incredible (and successful) model to follow.I have been an online dating consultant for two years.Basically, once out of college, it’s tough to meet and date.

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