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After the trigger is created, following SQL statement fires the trigger once for each row that is updated, in each case printing the new salary, the old salary, and the difference between them: Trigger names must be unique with respect to other triggers in the same schema.

Trigger names need not be unique with respect to other schema objects, such as tables, views, and subprograms.

Any view that contains one of those constructs can be made updatable by using an triggers can also be created over nested table view columns. All of these sections can access a common PL/SQL state.

These triggers provide a way of updating elements of the nested table. The common state is established when the triggering statement starts and is destroyed when the triggering statement completes, even when the triggering statement causes an error.

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Timing-point sections must appear in the order shown in Table 9-1.If you have multiple triggers of the same type on the same table, and the order in which they execute is important, use the view is one that lets you perform DML on the underlying table. This approach was both cumbersome to program and subject to memory leak when the triggering statement caused an error and the after-statement trigger did not fire.Some views are inherently updatable, but others are not because they were created with one or more of the constructs listed in Views that Require INSTEAD OF Triggers. A compound trigger has an optional declarative part and a section for each of its timing points (see Example 9-2).This type of trigger also provides an additional correlation name for accessing the parent row that contains the nested table being modified. SQL (the first part) declares variables and subprograms that timing-point sections can use.