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According to Shammai Engelmayer, spiritual leader of Temple Israel Community Center in Cliffside Park and former executive editor of Jewish Week, this leaves "Orthodox" as "an umbrella term that designates a very widely disparate group of people very loosely tied together by some core beliefs".

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The first series (OC 2013) called “FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, UNITY AND TOLERANCE” tells the individual story of 12 intensely masculine young men and their guests representing different parts of Eastern Europe.DISTRIBUTION OC is available for sale worldwide on Orthodox-Calendar.com, as well as other international online retailers such as Amazon.Prowler UK is their official retailer for England, while Berkana Library is the official retailer for Spain, Vrolijk for Netherland, Lucifer Shop for Taiwan and FNAC for France.With the emergence of the Reform movement in Germany, the Jews who remained loyal to Rabbinic Judaism were dubbed as Orthodox. Hirsch and the early Orthodox were engaging in the secular world, including secular education, and high profile jobs that required interaction with the secular world (Hirsch was very active politically) based on his philosophy of Torah Im Derekh Eretz.

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Later in the 20th century, a segment of the Orthodox population (as represented by the World Agudath Israel movement) moved away from the philosophies of Hirsch.Additional products are expected to be made available.CONCEPT & ARTISTS STATMENT The team met in Bucharest during a shooting in summer 2010, from that meeting a friendship was born and an exchange of viewpoints and ideas that led to a creative collaboration that is the Orthodox Calendar, the very first project of the OC ART Project.Since last September OC2014 became symbol for the marriage equality movement in Taiwan!