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Colin has skills and easy to use tips and techniques that can teach you to make the most difficult guest in the world becoming your friend and leave your accommodation property with a smile on their face.He will teach you how to build rapport with all kinds of people from all 4 corners of the globe.Henry is Co-Founder & CEO of Your Welcome, one of the fastest growing vacation rental technology companies in Europe.Your Welcome is a transactional tablet that is installed in holiday lets and vacation rentals, enabling owner/operators to monetise their guests whilst in property by up-selling additional services such as food delivery and airport transfers.

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Be My Guest allows visitors to explore, educate, interact and innovate in the face of the ever changing and ultra competitive space of accommodation hospitality.The Marketplace hosts some of the UK’s biggest hitters in the hospitality supply chain whilst also showcasing the incredible variety of independent and regional suppliers available to the visitors.In 2018 more than 150 companies will be showcasing the very best of hospitality at the BMG Marketplace.Using our network of experts we deliver big learnings for Be My Guest visitors as we talk about key issues and real world solutions for any accommodation host.

The Marketplace is a central feature of the roadshow and is stacked with show-only offers.

We will cover technology, digital marketing, dealing with disruptive guests, cost-saving tips, new trends, smashing reviews, being top-rated and everything in between.