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Was it the notion that I was a girl who needed protection? I smiled just a little at the idea that I might get a Volkswagen Beetle. My escorts made their way to a construction site, but other people were recognizing me now that I was in my territory, and their recognition only helped others to notice.Or was I more bothered by the fact that I probably needed a shower, and they were sitting a little close to me? It’d be stupid, impractical, and it would be too obvious. Groups of people stepped out of my way in respect, in fear or a mingling of the two. I took a roundabout route, watching over my bugs and ensuring that everything was in an appropriate place.The entire thing was framed by the surrounding buildings.There’d been too much damage from the skirmish with Leviathan for them to stand, and I’d made a special request to the designers for the rebuilding.Rats were still something of an issue, having feasted and multiplied many times over in the aftermath of the Leviathan attack, and I made a point of finding and exterminating any litters I found.Mosquitoes had multiplied in the early spring, with shallow water everywhere for them to lay their eggs and multiply.He had only the leggings of his costume on, and was working one arm into the sleeve, his chest bare behind the ‘v’ of the unzipped upper body. While he was still pulling on the upper part of his costume, I approached him, stood on my tiptoes, and then kissed his cheek.

I’d made requests that the graffiti be kept subtle, and I’d told people who worked for me to pass on word that others shouldn’t take it on themselves to repeat the mark elsewhere, to limit confusion.Last Chapter Next Chapter The rain had softened to a light drizzle by the time we finished.My sundress was lying on the floor, a little worse for wear where I’d thrown it to the ground and used it to sweep much of the grit, plaster and sawdust from the spot where we’d laid down.I raised an eyebrow, and he smiled a little, shook his head, turned his attention to his costume. The visual of him, the taste of his sweat when I kissed his skin, his smell, the bass of his voice and the little noises he made.

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I pulled the sundress over my head, and it was my chance to take a look at Brian. The feel of him, warm, the way every part of him was firm without being unyielding. There was no long-term, and trying to cling to one would only spoil it all. I didn’t want to taint the silence with something that would only be awkward or ineffectual, couldn’t think of anything meaningful to say, but I didn’t want to leave him feeling like I was ashamed or unhappy, leaving it like this.I shook it, then called my swarm, let my bugs crawl up my body to sweep and brush my skin clean.The bugs made their way up the sides and back of my neck to my hair, then weaved through it as a mass, their bodies and mandibles helping to set it in order.They were one species I wanted to keep away from people, and I made a point of moving them away from all residential areas. I entered an area where the damage had once been heaviest, and where much of the construction had recently finished. The roads were still wide, owing to the fact that this area had once been intended more for industry and the movement of big ships and trucks, and that had been preserved.

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