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27-Jan-2018 20:29

The fact that Brittney embraces who she is can only help the game.

I think the WNBA has to embrace the celebrity at its fingertips.

I used to try his moves in high school."During the video game session, Griner digs through into an endless bag of carry out, devouring burgers in a couple of bites."She's still on that fast food, eat-whatever-you-want, allergic-to-vegetables diet, but I'm not going to tell her to stop," Gaines says.

"We went out to dinner to this steak restaurant and she ordered the ribeye, and then straight up killed a sundae.

On the lower right side of her back, she has a tattoo featuring two skulls with the words, "laugh now, cry later," a phrase that she turned to during her most difficult time.

When she plays, Griner no longer sports long sleeves to cover up her tattoos as she did in college. She's not trying to be an actress, she's not trying to be a rapper.

We're seeing a star player making a stand, and we haven't always seen that in the league."A NEW TYPE OF PLAYERGriner offers a brand of athleticism never seen before in the WNBA.

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"It just seems like that tide is finally turning for awareness because of people like Brittney, it's almost become an inevitability for people to come out comfortably."In a story in ESPN The Magazine, Griner said she kept her sexuality a secret while at Baylor, claiming coach Kim Mulkey insinuated it would hinder recruiting and the program's image.I'm glad she's able to be who she really is now."Mulkey did not return messages from USA TODAY Sports about the ESPN report or Taurasi's comments.Griner has received positive and negative feedback for her choice to be open with her sexuality, a choice that coincided with Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay NBA player."He was very brave to step out like that," Griner says of Collins. I hope it gets to the point where the reaction to being gay is 'oh, that's cool' where it's just another thing.In April Griner revealed she is gay, an announcement Griner says was an easy decision when she considered the large number of people her message could reach."I've heard people say, 'Why do you need to say you're gay, keep your personal life to yourself?