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03-Oct-2017 07:12

We need to be united and support each other instead of casting aside people who do polyamory different from us.One of the reasons I started a polyamory Meetup group is because some of the groups in the area were couple-centric to the point they were alienating to people who weren’t a part of hierarchical polyamory.Many polyamorous groups and communities are extremely couple-centric and ignore others who are polyamorous outside of a couple.Additionally, the few depictions of polyamory in movies and TV usually revolve around a couple adding a third to their relationship which is not representative of polyamory community as a whole.

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When men are permitted to be with anyone they like and women are not this form of polyamory is closer to religious, sexist polygamy.When it came to random pegging hook ups, I would use sites like Reddit and Craigslist for that and though one could use those for dating, it’s not something I would recommend.So I decided to narrow my online dating sites to three popular sites: Ok Cupid, Tindr(phone app), and Match.For all of these sites, I’m going to be completely honest in regards to my political, religious values, family values, and sexual values.

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They have to be okay with the fact that I’m multi-racial, that I’m a Christian though not religious, and for my political beliefs, I’m not really sure…probably a libertarian if anything, maybe even a capitalistic communist-shit, I don’t know.The list goes on and on but when it really comes down to it: Our society revolves around couples. Couple Privilege Is Not Fair To Thirds The most well-known type of polyamory is a couple opening their relationship to a third.While there is nothing wrong with this if it is done ethically, often couple privilege prevails.In polyamorous relationships equality in whom women and men are permitted to date needs to be a priority. Not Representative Of Polyamory As A Whole Polyamory is not well understood and when all representations are a couple adding a third people get the wrong idea.

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