Rules for dating a graphic designer

23-Jan-2017 01:28

– Logo design in today’s world is totally under rated.

People do not understand how important a good logo is and how valuable it is to their business and this is why I am highlighting some of the worst logo designs out there.

Mixed-media drawings are those executed using a combination of these materials.

Some draughtsmen specialize in precise reproductions of existing or proposed buildings (architectural drawing), ships (marine drawing), flowers (botanical illustration) or horses (equestrian drawing), or animals as well as abstract compositions from Cubist to typographical or calligraphic compositions.• Introduction/Characteristics • Drawing Methods - Charcoal - Chalks - Pastels - Metalpoint - Graphite Point (Pencil) - Drawing with Pen - Drawing with Brush - Pen and Brush • Types of Drawing • Types of Ground • History of Drawing Definition In fine art, the term "drawing" may be defined as the linear realization of visual objects, concepts, emotions, and fantasies, including symbols and even abstract forms.Drawing is a graphic art which is characterized by an emphasis on form or shape, rather than mass and colour as in painting.For example, Chinese art, performed with a brush on silk or paper, is as near to drawing as to fine art painting (eg. Some illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages, such as the Utrecht Psalter, have pen-and-ink drawings of such freedom of line that they resemble modern cartoons, and effectively serve the same function as paintings.

Even so, drawing as an independent art form did not emerge until the Renaissance art of the quattrocento (15th century).Drawing is Also an Independent Artform In addition, as an independent stand-alone art form, drawing offers the widest possible scope for creative expression.Bodies, space, depth, three-dimensionality, and even movement can be made visible through drawing.Thus, although not every painting, mosaic, tapestry or other artwork has been preceded by a drawing in the form of a preliminary sketch, drawing is in reality the basis of all visual arts.

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