Self consolidating concrete testing equipment

20-Jan-2018 11:33

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The system consists of the drive unit, electronic measuring device, templates, measuring caps, gauge plates and carrying case. Probes are not included and must be ordered separately.Windsor HP Probe System– H-2978 Each certified probe kit includes 3 probes and 3 matched, nickel-plated power loads.

ASTM C469 cautions that the modulus of elasticity values will usually be less than the modulus derived under rapid load application and usually greater than values obtained under slow load application, when all other test conditions remain the same.The accuracy of predicting camber and prestress losses in long-span bridges can be improved when measured values of concrete material properties are used.This article describes the ASTM test for modulus of elasticity and compares measured values with the design equation predictions.The Windsor HP Probe System is used to evaluate the compressive strength of in-place concrete.

This non-destructive test can be used on fresh or mature concrete with equal effectiveness.

The specifier should also check that local testing laboratories have the equipment available to perform the test on the specified cylinder size.