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17-Mar-2017 19:01

The problem is, what do you do when you’re presented with a golden opportunity to realize your fantasy just when you’re hot and horny?

My wife Claudia and I found out one afternoon a few years ago.

Within just a couple of minutes he was holding Jen’s hand and talking about how lovely her skin was.

She’d already turned the heads of the few hotel employees in the lobby as we’d checked in. You’re all mine now.”Claudia looked over at me, her eyes on my rigid cock. She strutted provocatively into the room, the curves of her legs accentuated by the heels.I agreed to the bet and asked, “Okay, how do we do this?”Cathy said “We will have to leave the house for awhile so just follow my lead.” Then we went into the living room to join John and Jen.She has auburn hair and blue eyes and the greatest tits and ass I could ever ask for.

My story starts 5 months ago when we moved into our new house.Two weeks ago when John and Cathy were at our house for dinner, Cathy was helping me clear the dishes off the table while John was in the living room talking with Jen about a book he was reading.Suddenly Cathy leaned close to me and whispered “You shouldn’t leave Jen alone with John like that.” then she laughed.I could see her blush but she seemed to enjoy the complement.