Shitheads dating video

11-Jun-2017 14:02

I’ll leave you with a clip to investigate which deals with sexuality (not racism) but still works as an example for the above discussion.It’s from Harry & Paul, a British sketch comedy duo who I think are very funny.

In Britain, Harry & Paul are often dismissed as misogynists or homophobes.This is the standard format: “My friend is a nurse at a hospital, and hears the craziest names! When the hospital administrator asked for the baby’s name, the mother said, ‘Placenta.’ She had heard the term used during the delivery and thought it sounded pretty and regal! “Shithead” pronounced “shuh-thead” comes up periodically. The surface-level humor is that a couple has picked a horrendously bad name for their baby, but are so oblivious to the vocabulary that they saddle their child with it.If we apply Comedy = Truth Exaggeration, we come up with a different idea.But what if someone is making fun of a racism by telling very stupid racist jokes, in order to highlight the absurdity of stereotypes?

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